Special Thanks

  • Published September 30th, 2009 by Kim Family

I want to thank God for the many angels in my life, whom God sent me when I walked in the valley of the death.

Thank you, God, for Calvary Community Church, where daily I experience the love of God and continue to grow intimate with Jesus. They are known not by just their talk but by their walk.
I want to thank all the pastors and of Calvary Community Church and their wives, including Senior Pastor Mark and wife Leslie Martin, Pastor Brad and wife Marian Eberly, Pastor Mike and wife Tammy Benjamin, Pastor John and wife Cami Kelley--who gave us Samuel’s memorial service--and many other pastors: Dan and Linda Holgate, Paul and Deborah Hayes, Randy and Laurie Southwick, Paul and Julie Dietz, Justin and Stephany Southwick, and those who also fed me, prayed for me and who so faithfully labor with me for the work of salvation and sanctification. I also want to thank Pastors Jeremiah and Joshua, who are teaching our children at Calvary Community Church. I thank Keven and Heather Goshlow and Mr. Cliff Stringham and Mrs. Paula Stringham, who are the leaders of the premarital class, which blessed our marriage and made our family strong in the Lord. There are many more beautiful servants of our Lord, Jesus Christ at the Calvary Community Church.
The Words of God is the medicine for my soul and the church, where people practice the love and the grace of God, is the best hospital. The sisters in Women’s Ministries at Calvary were like flowers as an endless field. They accept anyone who loves Jesus without excluding anyone. Abba’s Author group at Calvary was the first small group of women I joined, where I did not have sweat in my palms whenever I meet them. Their love was the fragrance of Jesus.
I offer many other thank yous:
To Damon, Elise Evans, and Denise Evans, who encouraged me at the lowest point of my calling. I saw their light and it led me closer to Christ without fear of darkness or condemnation of sin.
To Anne and Bob Sparkman, who faithfully walked with me and mentored me for twenty-three years of my life in America. Their friendship is a gift from God. They were the true American Christians whom I came to see, leaving all else behind.
To Barbara Martin, who gave me the wisdom to be a godly woman who loves her husband and nurtures her children with the love of Jesus, appreciating each one as a gift from God.
To my friend, Kim Johnson, who came all the way to my house and shared her love of Jesus Christ.
To Linda Wright who helped me break out of my comfort zone and share my love of God with others.
To Susan Cottrell and Abba's Author who helped graciously in the final editing of my book and helped me understand more clearly my faith in God. They came around me and touched me with the love of Jesus.
To my many friends who were Jesus to me and shared the love of Jesus Christ. They have shown me there is no limit to God’s love and in Him, there is light even in my darkest moments.

Calvary Community Church

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