Word of Encouragement

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Thank God for all of your cheers!

Without your prayer and cheers, I do not think I have the courage to step out!

You all are the light of Jesus shined before me!


Wow, I didn't know that your ministry was on oneplace.com  Congratulations! Everything on your site seemed to work well. May the Lord use this to encourage many in the grace of Jesus.
Hello Inseong,
I rejoice with you!
By God's Grace,
Pastor John
Calvary Community Church
You are going to be a blessing to so many.  You already are in fact.  God is going to use your tragedy (which you have surrendered to Him) to lead countless others to a renewed and healed relationship with Him, perhaps even to a relationship with Him for the first time!  You sure blessed and encouraged the 3 of us today.  I’m so glad the Lord brought you to us.
In Christ, -Travis
God is so very good and gracious to His children.  Inseong, you are such a blessing to so many.  God is going to use your testimony to save so many children.  He takes our mistakes and turns them around and uses them for good.  You are such a blessing to Him.
Thank you so much for your note, Inseong.  It is such a blessing to have you on our site and I know you have already touched so many people with your bold, humble, and convicting message.  We serve an awesome God!
Travis from oneplace
Praise God ... I believe this will be just the beginning of a long line of women who will experience His grace because of your work, Inseong.  You are well on your way now to helping countless numbers of women find peace through God's loving gift of grace. 
God Bless you!
I rejoice with you Inseong! Thanks for your courage.

We are glad that we can be part of your great ministry!
Hi Noona,
How are you and everyone doing? We had a good, blessed time with parents here in VA the past two weeks. I hope you are well. I just wanted to let you know that I read, browsed and listened to all your on-line hope ministry sermons tonight. It was truly a blessing to hear your voice speaking through your ministry site and I was really encouraged by all your personal sharing and biblical references. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story with the whole world, it is very brave and courageous of you and brother in law, Steven!
We're doing well, don't worry about us, we keep very busy in our lives...I am in the midst of waiting to hear back from the research approval committee here at the hospital where I'd like to begin my research. They are quite a picky group and each time I send them a revision, the manager sends me back another request to make yet another small change. It can get frustrating at times but maybe God is teaching patience through the process!
I don't know your pain but I can tell that so much good has come as a result of your building your hope ministry. A close friend of mine also experienced abortion before marriage. She is also healing from the experience, she also named her daughter and has seen her in her dreams laughing and smiling and playing happily, so amazing, isn't it?! She is building a healing prayer ministry out of her church too, I shared a little about you and your website, she may take a visit. I suggested to her to also maybe build her own website too to reach out in ministry. Your website is done so well, did you have it done by professionals?
Well, I hope you get a chance to catch up with our parents about all the adventures during their trip, even though all the map of the 50 U.S. states looks so neat and closely knit together, when it comes to actually traveling the distances, it is certainly a long journey!
Hope to talk to you soon, love always in Christ,
Your website is unbelievable.  I had no idea you were so gifted and Hope Ministry must be a valuable tool for the healing of so many.  I can't wait to re-read your testimonial. 
Dear Inseong,

I just LOVE our prayer group -- I mean our writer's group! It feels like a prayer group. So glad we got to pray for you. And so glad you shared your sweet testimony. I'm thrilled to see how God will continue to bless you and heal others through you. And I LOVE your beautiful website. You are an artist! The video was exceptional. Thank you for sharing it with us. I passed it on to someone.

I agree on all counts precious sister! On all counts! Our group--be it writing or prayer--blesses us all so deeply. Go God! It hugs my heart to hear the stories of God's grace in action. Lives once broken, now brought together in his Love as complete and perfect masterpieces!
AWESOME! They are--of course--not finished yet, but the extraordinary beauty is undeniable! Go God! YOUR beauty, Sister Inseong, is blindingly bright in God's touch upon your life. Dont let the evil one sneeze at that. His opinion doesnt matter. We all already know that he loses in the end--not much insentive to buy stock in his words now!
God rocks! And what sweet blessings in all of you! Go God!
Loving you,
Billi Joy
I do understand your nervousness and am so proud of you! It is never easy facing our fears but the glorious light from the Holy Spirit exposes them for what they truly are.

This is one of my favorite verses. It has brought me much comfort.

 Many are saying of my soul,
         "There is no deliverance for him in God." Selah.
    But You, O LORD, are a shield about me,
         My glory, and the One who lifts my head.
    I was crying to the LORD with my voice,
         And He answered me from His holy mountain. Selah.

I do not know if you are familiar with this or not but in biblical times if someone was downcast and someone came to them and lifted their head the gesture had a deeper meaning than it does today. It meant that the lifter of my head was going to take responsibility for that person. Gods love for us is complete. He has taken responsibility for us.

Enjoy this special time of Intimacy between you and the Lord. He wants to show you the beauty of the shattered glass, freedom in humility.

You may or may not be surprised to know that MANY of the women of Calvary have felt as you do about other ladies. In the flesh women can be very very difficult to trust.

Remember on our own none of us are qualified, God qualifies those He chooses. It is good that your motivation is to comfort and not leadership, People are more important than tasks.

See you soon!

Because of Him, Leticia

Thank you all for a special time today.  I came home and got on my knees and thanked the Lord for giving me women in my life that are precious.  I had to ask him to forgive me for my judgmental heart, give me wisdom, heal my hurts, and provide a good way for me to express “truth” in love. 
Dear Inseong,
Heavenly Father, I lift up Inseong to you right now.  God we praise you for healing her soul. And for helping her to find a way to write it all down in a book.  Lord, as she is going to teach your truths to a special group of ladies, I pray that you go before her.  Give her wisdom and insight as to how to teach her class.  Bring the right women to the group that are longing to experience the same freedom that Inseong has found in you.  Take away her fear.  Help her to know that you give her the abilities and the tools that she needs to serve you.  Lord you are mighty.  You are powerful.  It is through you, and you alone, that we can accomplish good works for your kingdom.  Bless Inseong.  We pray in your precious and holy name.  Amen, Amen, Amen. 
God Bless,
Joshua 1:9 (Amplified Bible) 
Have not I commanded you?
Be strong, vigorous, and very courageous.
Be not afraid, neither be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.
Hi inseong

So Glad to see how the Lord has organized the ministry you are bringing to those suffering from abortion. I am sure it is heart wrenching yet I have no doubt you have been prepared and selected for such a time as this and thus well equipped through the Holy Spirit to offer such a service....

the ladies asked for are placed on my daily prayer list.

Had some time later today to read more of your manuscript...so Nice... I especially enjoyed pages 46-48 for my personal use in the continual healing we all go through. I plan to add those thoughts to my 'overcoming abuse' speech god will some day use me to give -- a speech I finished writing in 2008. Will tell you about it sometime.

Finally figured out the reply all thing girls....
Blessing on you always.

The biggies is this....you can’t quiet cause it is not about your ability to live the life.. it is him living it in you...so don't worry about that one.. Even if you did give up he would not. in fact it might be good not to try so hard so you can see His power in the fruit of the spirit working through you....It is a little like when you had a baby...remember the moment when the baby moved in you and you did not cause it.... or the moment called transition in birth and the baby moved and  you did not cause that....God moves in you and you do not cause it... he does it and you just witness the moment and respond...in child birth you pushed...in  Christ you just respond to his move through the fruits he placed in you....it is his work not yours.....